Monday, August 8, 2011

thankfulness...Day 55

Hello friends...
Today I am thankful to be in my house with Robin and Rosie.  Yesterday I spent almost 12 hours driving home from San Antonio...but without the final hour of that drive I would never have learned about "fairygnomes."  What are "fairygnomes" you may ask?  Well they are the mythical creatures that hover around a man or woman sending out scents to draw a person of the opposite sex toward them.  You may think they are called pheromones...but NOPE...after 11 hours in the car they are in fact "fairygnomes!"  I myself picture the gnome part hanging around male type person's feet...and the fairy part flitting around the fairer sexes head.  Now if they encounter a person they might more than a friend..wink wink...they fairy/gnomes spring into action.  They gnome counterpart simply tickles the desired woman's feet...the fairy must be MUCH less subtle!!!  Her wand is shaped like a mallet and it is three times her dainty size.  She uses said mallet to knock the male object of the lady's affection about the head and shoulders...anything more demure and he might not get the point!  I have giggled off and on all day about "fairygnomes."  BTW this little nugget of pure joy came directly from my mother.  Delirium had definitely snuck up on us... Oh well...we had a tough situation and we made it through by laughing and sharing stories!  Have a great day.  So I am also thankful for long drives and great company!

I know this post is sort of ridiculous...but really google images even has a fairy with a hammer!
I think this saucy fellow could help me fall in love!

love and sunshine!

p.s. I start school tomorrow so be expecting some great teacher idea posts! 

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