Sunday, August 28, 2011

Thankfulness...Day 67

O.K. So this week was hard for me.  It was my first full week of school and it kicked my booty!  I was asleep by 9:00 every night...sometimes I was asleep by 7:00.  It was also the first week where I realized I am an assistant...not a teacher.  However...I still have several things for which I am thankful.
Wednesday...Sloppy Joes was parent's night at her school and I was one of the few parents who knew all about the changes to the AR program.  I realized that she really is very honest and up front with school info!

Friday...Miss Lorraine and hugs from Maa...I think Miss Lorraine will be willing to fill in any time my Mom isn't available to mother me.  

Today Maa brought something to my attention..and as I am realizing...knowing is half the battle.
Every time I lose my grip on this whole cancer process...I try to find something in my life I CAN control and blame my frustration on that.  The problem with this approach is that usually I cannot actually control the thing I think I can control AND I can't control cancer.  So I end up feeling lost and COMPLETELY out of control! 

So now I have a new approach...honesty...with myself above all else.  If I am tired...admit to myself that I am is not an admission of weakness...just an admission of the fact that I am not a superhero.  I am a human that has toxic chemicals pumped through her veins once a month and that might make me a little tired.  Maa also commented on the fact that even when I have a period of "down" time I always find a way to pull myself out of it and put a positive spin on whatever is bringing me down.  Thanks Maa...I needed that!  So I am thankful today for enlightenment.  I hope I can hold onto this for at least a few days!

Also, I think I will be posting a new activity I am working on for our classroom later this week.  I saw it on another blog "Musings of Me."  I want to ask her if I can post the revised activity here for teachers of younger children to use.  So stay tuned for that.  Have a great week!
Love and sunshine

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