Monday, August 1, 2011

thankfulness...Day 51

Today I am thankful for completed checklists.  I started the day with about 10 things that I needed to get done before we leave for San Antonio on Thursday.  I wasn't sure how I was going to get everything done...and at about 12:00 I had a mini meltdown and ALMOST threw in the towel.  My sweet Robin helped me push through the tired and finish the list.  Sometimes it is nice to have my own personal cheerleader.  I do think it's mom can try to push the positive spin on me and all that does is make me grouchy.  When Robin says the same thing in that sweet little voice..I can't help but listen.  I also think about how everything I do (or don't do) is teaching her how to behave.  Things that I would never do on my own...I will push myself to finish because I know she is watching.  

She also does this little awkward giggle, if she is saying something that she thinks might not go over very well.  It gets on my last nerve and I could not figure out where she learned this AWFUL habit.  Guess what...(finger points to self)...I have noticed over the last few days...I do the exact same thing.  If I am concerned that what I just said might not be the popular opinion, or it is just something that I have difficulty saying out loud ... I add... an... awkward... giggle.  GEEZ....sometimes I love that she has so many of my personality traits...this IS NOT one of those times.  So now I have to work on keeping my awkward giggles to myself...and it is HARD!!!  Oh well...maybe 30 days from now I will be thankful that the awkward, dorky giggle has been eradicated!

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