Friday, August 19, 2011

thankfulness...Day 62

whoops...missed a day

didn't miss a day of being thankful...just missed a day of typing it out!  Yesterday I spent time being thankful for handy family members and my mom dropping in unannounced!  I poured water all over my steering wheel on the way home...but I really didn't think much about it.  I was so pooped from school, I went inside my house, changed into my jammies...and parked it on my sofa.  2.5 HOURS mom comes in and there something going off in your garage?  I was like...I don't know...I've been here since we got home.  I went out to the garage...and was greeted by an electrical burning smell...a god awful noise...and lots of smoke.  My car was off...but making the most terrible noise.  I cracked the ignition and the noise stopped...I turned the car off...the noise returned.  I think maybe I shorted out my horn...and let me just say this...the horn blaring NONSTOP is terrifying and awful.  However...I have a very handy father and uncle.  I got the honking to stop, and my dad came by to pull the fuse out under the hood.  Then today my uncle called and let me know that the circuits should dry out without leaving any damage.  Tip of the day.....DO NOT pour water onto your steering wheel...EVER!

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