Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Thankfulness...Day 66

Today I am thankful for little people.

Today was better than yesterday...I still have some friends in class that are struggling to get into the school routine, but everyday is a little better.  Because I am with the older group of children at my school, I have five of the children I taught my first year teaching at this school.  I think the first group of children I teach in each new place occupy a little piece of my heart and never fully move out.  I am so blessed to have these friends again.  Today during rest time, one friend woke up a little early.  The teacher still had several notebooks to fill out, so I went to my friend's mat to help her stay quiet for a little longer.  We visited for a minute and then she reached up and started twirling the little hairs at the back of my head.  Then she patted my back and said..."Miss Sarah...I love you!"  My heart melted into a puddle of goo.  It takes so little to recharge a teacher's battery.  Those three little words spoken in earnest do so much to keep me going.  No matter how hard the day...no matter how many times I have to redirect the same behavior...if I can have just one moment like this one a day...it is all worth it.  This interaction made it possible for me to see the humor in another friend making a tinkle fountain that reached the other side of the restroom.  I mean on some days if you can't laugh about what happens, someone might find you crying in the toilet!  

That's all I guess...have a great night

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