Tuesday, August 23, 2011

thankfulness...day 65

I forgot to post yesterday...actually I fell asleep at around 8:00...yesterday was a difficult day.

Sometimes I think people are not really sure what to say to me.  I think they try to say helpful encouraging things and USUALLY they are successful.  Yesterday...not so much.  One of the therapists at school asked if I knew this particular woman from another school who is also battling ovarian cancer.  I do know of her and have sort of held her up as my personal success story.  Not a friend of a friend...not a family member of this one person I met once at church...someone I have met...personally...I have seen her...spoken to her...know that she actually exists.  Well this therapist informed me that they had found cancer in her neck...so she is now having to have radiation treatments.  I looked at her and said..."That really bums me out...I kind of look at her journey and hope to get to her place sometime soon." To which said therapist responds, "Well my son says she doesn't even look sick."  Gee thanks...that's helpful...at least she looks good. 

So that kind of colored my day...but I had Dinner with Sherry to enjoy that night.  Robin and I got home from school and I took a few minutes to decompress in my room (I watched a couple of my favorite YouTube videos), then Aunt Sherry arrived and we had a great dinner.  She made meatloaf and I made my "Peach dump cake."  By the time she left the ugliness that had been the day so far was all but forgotten.  God always seems to smooth out the edges.  The crappiest day...turned  into the loveliest evening.  So yesterday I was thankful for Aunt Sherry...meatloaf...and peach dump cake covered with vanilla ice cream (YUM!)

Have a great afternoon

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