Wednesday, August 10, 2011

thankfulness...Day 57

Today I am thankful to have a full school day under my belt.  I thin this is going to be an amazing year!  Kristen (lead teacher) and I stayed after school to plan some of the activities for the coming weeks.  It is so nice to be working with someone as quirky and silly as me.  Planning goes so much more quickly when there are 2 brains to pull everything together. 
almost the best three words in the world!  Possibility...excitement and school supplies all rolled into one!

The kiddos were amazing today!  They all seem to have such a sweet nature and we had very few behavior kinks.  I know it was the first day and there is always a type of honeymoon period...but these children are just so lovely.  They are funny and smart, creative and logical...but most of all they are so loving!  Not only to the teachers, but also to each other.  Starting at the beginning with them and getting to build a relationship from going to be an adventure.  I have missed having a group of children to call my own.  I may not be the lead teacher, but I think in a few weeks when I have settled into my role...this will be better than perfect!

I have another treatment tomorrow.  I guess we will discuss my PET and I have a few really tough questions to ask.  I try to remember that all will work out according to God's plan.  I can't imagine that God's plan would involve me dying.  I have way too much left to accomplish.  I guess I should get busy.  I have a few teaching activities to get ready for next week.  I am hoping with my whole heart that this treatment is kinder to me than the last one.  I really want to be back at work on Tuesday.  I missed work last year...but now that I have had a taste of being back in the gives me a reason to kick all the bad juju out of my system!
whatever the plan....I surrender it to your hands!

Oh on another of my activities is to find real world objects that are shaped like an oval...we discussed several things today...watermelon, pecans, mirrors, kiwi, rugs..even the letter O...then Kristen busts out with a football.  I asked what type of football she had been using.  In hindsight that was kind of harsh.  She took it well and we had a goo laugh. I am just wondering if anyone else would consider a football oval shaped.  I am willing to admit when I'm wrong...and I have no idea what shape a football is if it is not an oval...but it does not look ovaly to me.  help help!
the football...
the OVAL
Quote of the day:
what about screaming...WHILE enjoying the ride?!?

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