Friday, August 12, 2011

thankfulness...Day 59

TGIF!  I have spent most of today snoozing with my puppy in bed.  Chemo still makes my stomach go all wrong and my legs feel a little jelly like.  I am still basking in the glory that is an end date to these feelings...hopefully for a very long time.  My CA-125 went up, but I still have my docs words "No matter what your CA says we will stop in April.  Her thoughts are,   I am young, I have a young child, I have a job that makes a difference in other peoples lives, and I'm not ready to leave yet.  She says this is the best way to keep me around for as long as possible.  With the degree of cancer they found in my original surgery...I did not think she knew what to expect from me.  After April the true waiting game begins.  Up until then every month I have had a blood check and a status check on the CA-125.  Once I go into follow up mode the monthly fade back to every three months.  If after 2 years of every three months I do not have a recurrence...chances are better that when it does come back it will still respond to the chemo drugs.  So for now I am looking only a little way into the future.  The part of my future that for some period of time will NOT include chemo! WHOOT WHOOT!  I love all the women who surround me with love and hilarious menopause jokes.  Without you ladies this whole mess of chemo crap would have been really hard to take.

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