Sunday, November 27, 2011

felt christmas tree garland tutorial

I am enjoying all this time I have...for the first time since I graduated college....I can make the things I see in my head...or on pinterest.  So here is another one.
Step stiff felt...since I decided to make Christmas trees I used dark green and yellow for the stars in between.

Step two...using a disappearing ink pen trace trees onto the green felt, and stars onto the yellow.  Cut out all the pieces.  If anybody has any ideas for how I can use the scraps please let me know.  I can't make myself throw out the remnants.

Step three...I started out punching tiny holes in the trees, but once I added the beads they didn't show through like I wanted.  So...just use a regular hole punch to make ornament holes in the trees.  I left the small holes at the edge of the second branch for stringing.  Use the small punch to make holes for stringing the stars also.

Step felt glue.  Any other glue will just be sucked into nonexistence by the felt.  This glue works really well.  Glue around the opening and place a clear bead in the opening. 
I enjoy all things multicolored so I used multicolored beads.  If you have a more monochromatic style choose whatever color beads you want.

Step five...use twine to string the trees and stars together.  It took five trees and six stars to reach across my mantle.  You can adjust the space between trees and stars based on where you want to put them and how many trees and stars you want to cut...punch...bead and string.

Here is the finished garland on my mantle.  Fun and simple...


  1. Your garland is sooo cute. You know you learn something new every day, I never heard of felt glue? I like the stars and trees together. Don't you just love decorating mantels. Thanks so much for sharing at Sunday's Best. Now following you.

  2. You garland is adorable and it appears to be very simple. I would like to give this a try. I'm a new follower, please drop by when you have a chance,

  3. Love the little beads you glued in. What the perfect amount of shimmer. Lovely!

  4. That turned out sooo cute! Took me a minute to figure out Roy G Biv, lol. But I did get it. Now following to see what else you come up with =)