Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pop Art Portraits

I recently bought the newest copy of Better Homes and Gardens "Do It Yourself" Magazine.  I found lots of really cool projects to try...but I could wait to try the pop art portrait project (Trying saying that 5 times fast).  Basically artist Michele Beschen walks you through how to use a favorite photo and Warholize a friend or family member.  
I started with this picture of the Lovebug and her "Fairy Godmother" aka best friend.  She and the Bug share a birthday so we usually try and get together around their birthdays.  We took this picture after building a gingerbread house together.  It is one of my favorites of both my girls.
aren't they adorable!
The article and linked video tute on say to be sure and use no smaller than an 8x10 photo.  I agree with this, but I only had glass for a 5x7.  When I do this for my puppy I will make sure to use a larger photo.  It took me several tries to get this right and I think if I had been using a larger piece of glass and photo it would have been much easier.  
Step One...use painter's tape to adhere the photo to the back side of the glass.  
Step Two...choose your paint.  You will only need 2 colors (white and whatever other color you want)
Step Three...mix up 2 mid shades.  white...light...medium...original color (I used teal).
Step Four...find the smallest detail brush you own.  This was one of the problems I had...I ended up trimming some of the hairs out of my smallest detail brush to make it even smaller.  Using this brush fill in all the brightest spots and white parts of the photo (teeth...whites and sparkles in the eyes, etc.)

those are some pearly whites!

Step Six...Use the deepest shade (teal for me) to trace around all the main features in the photo.  Go around the face...use whispy strokes for the eyebrows, eyelashes, and hair.  Wait for this to dry.
This step is hard to judge so lift up to check your work often.

Step Seven...use the light mixture of the two colors to dab over the dark lines from the previous step.  This is like a highlighter.  Do not fill in all the space or your face will end up looking flat.  Cover the brightest parts left in the photo.  Be sure and use a dabbing motion or you might pull off some of the previously painted details. Wait for thie to dry COMPLETELY...are you getting the hint?
Goodbye odd darkly lines faces.
Step Eight...Use the medium mixture and a large brush if you have one.  Again dab with this paint.  Cover the rest of the glass with this tone  This will fill in any shading still needed on the face.  It might not look identical to the photo..but it should be close.  I think the Bug looks pretty close...the bestie is a little off, but still cute.  I had a great time doing this even though I had to do it 3 times.  
Not bad for a first try!
To the moon and back friends,

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