Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thankfulness...Day 106

I am thankful for the Bug...she is so brave...and she can work her way out of almost any situation.  She spent Thanksgiving night with her Maa, and was lucky enough to stay home alone while Maa was at Jazzercise.  Maa did all the right things.  She left her cell phone number with Robin...told her not to open the door...or answer the phone.  One thing she forgot...to turn on her cell phone.  Robin was playing with an exercise bike upstairs at Maa's house, and decided that she wanted to make the wheels stop spinning FAST!  She grabbed the bike chain, and because of how fast the wheels were spinning she got her finger stuck between the chain and the spikes that move the chain along.  Even typing that makes my hands hurt.   She is so amazing...instead of pulling her hand out...she realized she needed to roll the chain back to release her finger.  After her hand was free she knew she needed help so she tried Maa's cell...no answer. So she went next door to get help from a neighbor...the first neighbor wasn't home...so she tried the other side.  EUREEKA...those neighbors were home.  They are the sweetest family...mom and dad with three adorable girls.  Mom helped stop the flow of blood coming from my precious girl's finger.  Dad and one of the girls went back to Maa's house to find Robin's book...the other two sweet girls found books in the house for her to read until Daddy made it home with the Bugs book.  So sweet...and through all this, my sweet girl stayed calm cool and collected.  Even though no one could reach her Maa, she waited patiently for everyone to arrive home from Jazzercise.  
Once my Mom and Maa returned to find Robin gone and a note explaining that she was next door.  They made a speedy trip to the Care Now clinic.  Because she was bleeding...she did not have to wait.   She was quick to tell everyone that the bleeding had stopped...Mimi put a shhush on that one PDQ.  Later they talked about patients being seen in order of severity...bleeding always comes first.  If you are bleeding you get seen by a doctor much faster than if you have a cold.  So they went back and saw Dr. Joe...and he sewed up Miss Priss.  So 6 stitches later...my Bug is enjoying milking the injury and hoped that because it is her right hand she might get out of some homework.  No such luck...with three teachers in the family there will always be someone who can transcribe for her!
So today I am thankful for my daughter's ingenuity and my aunt's neighbors.
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  1. We always hope to get out of homework. I broke my arm in 2nd grade. My left. But tried to convince my teacher I was left handed and couldn't possibly do my work. She didn't buy it. What a rough life. Glad Robin wasn't hurt worse!