Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thankfulness...Day 98

Today I am thankful for weekends with the Maa.  She is so balanced....a great sounding board for me...especially as I teeter toward losing every little marble in my precious head.  We spent some good time visiting on Friday night about my situation and how I can do better about managing my guilt.  We finally decided when I start to get down on myself or feel that others are not as receptive as I might hope.  I will say to myself...whatever the this stress worth giving the cancer cells something to eat?  Maa firmly believes that stress, guilt and bad juju in general can give any illness the foothold it needs to take over some body's system.  In this situation the illness is cancer and the somebody is me.  So I just need to hold onto my thankfulness...and release any bad juju into the universe...allow myself to say...that is NOT about me.  
So today Maa and I spent the gorgeous afternoon setting up her Turkey Tom.  Of course because it was 2 of the three stooges working on this project...there were a few bumps before he was all set up.  Here is the photographic proof.
here we go...

I we go....

What is going on with his head?

he tried to escape...silly bird

we found the stakes and helped him choose a permanent location

Now he even has some pumpkin friends.

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