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woohoo...I am caught I am thankful for my crafty nature.  My mind is in need, as of late, to be occupied in non taxing manners.  My mind tends to swirl about on topics without any immediate solution, so I use crafts to distract my brain.  Most of the time it works...I can derail the destructive thoughts and in the end I get something pretty to give away or keep and put somewhere in my house.  Here is my favorite so far.  I have had these Dala horses drawn on several canvases for about 6 years. I pulled one out and started covering it with fabric.  I was going to leave the horse in the middle canvas colored, but my mom and dad offered a suggestion.  So I filled the horse in with white and gray fabric.  I really, really, like it.  I have it on my hearth in front of my dream that i can see it all day everyday.  I have about 6 more canvases..please leave me a comment about another fun way to finish it.

I also posted a tutorial a couple of days ago for a fall garland.  Well...I made another trip to Home Depot and collected another gajillion paint chips so I could make Christmas garlands.  I have tried several different ways to put them together (tape, glue stick, and hot glue).  FYI...double stick tape seems to be the most successful...I keep having to replace the various glues with double stick tape.  
I also started making ornaments out of Sculpey, and I think I might hang one ornament in the middle of each holiday garland.  I have some really fond memories of making things with Sculpey. I spent a couple of weeks for several summers with friends in Nashville and I loved making and baking with Sculpey.  So now I pass that on to Robin this holiday season. 
 I have also made use of things I find on pinterest.  I think I am transitioning from a person who pins tons and things and makes none of a person who pins tons of things and makes one or two of them.  My favorite pinterest to real  life thing so far is my peppermint patty pedicure.  I changed the colors, but the basic premise is the same
here is the original

I had to add some extra colors,
but this was the hit of the nail salon!
So there you have it...I am thankful that I have the crafty nature in my mind to complete...or at least start lots of projects and occupy my brain.  Enjoy the rest of your day.
To the moon and back,
Quote of the day...WHEN PIGS here are some of my pigs

this was my first pig...I found him at a 15 mile garage sale

I love this one made out of scrap metal

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