Friday, November 11, 2011

Thankfulness...Day 97

Today I am thankful for my friend Tish and her stand-in super hero...none other than Tiny Batman!  She always tell me that I am on her mind and in her prayers constantly...and when she was unable to attend the NOCC walk in September she asked me to carry tiny batman in my pocket as my "Pocket Teesha."  Oddly enough it did make me feel better whenever I put my hand in my pocket.  I really could feel her support.  So for each chemo I have carried my tiny super friend in my bag.  Today I finally worked up the courage to pull out batman and take some pictures.  I think I might be a little brought me so much joy...and comfort to play with this little super guy.  
Tish has been my friend since my girl was a little over a year old.  She has a daughter roughly the same age and they have the same kind of friendship Tish and I have.  It doesn't matter if they saw each other yesterday or last year, they pick up right where they left off and it is like no time has passed.  I love that she has a friendship that works that way.  It is so comforting to be able to pick up the phone and start in with out needing to fill in any back story.  The back story doesn't matter...all that matters is that you need that person...and they are there.  Tish and I tried on several occasions to be the "wild and crazy" girls we had been in our early twenties (pre-children).  Usually we made big plans...including a trip to the Copa...several cocktails...even more cigarettes...and drunken debauchery on the dancefloor.  Fast forward about 8 hours...we are parked quite happily on my couch (or hers) our pajamas...I have made cupcakes...we have Six Feet Under queued up on the DVD player, but we are lost in silly or philosophical conversation...drunken debauchery all but forgotten.  We could watch "The Notebook" together and wonder when we might find a man "WHO WILL LOVE US LIKE NOAH!?!"  I could share the most cathartic movie I had EVER watched alone in a theater...Uptown Girls...we lay in her king size bed my head at the top...hers at the end laying on her the movie ends she turns to me and simply sobbbs...I didn't have any waterproof mascara....I LOOK LIKE ALICE COOPER!
We show our girls there is no shame in being silly well into adulthood.  We listen to Dee-Lite...loud and with the windows rolled down...sing along...maybe with some of the right words at the top of our lungs.  Discover that there really is no line in US3's Cantaloop that goes..."I wanna be a hairnet...wait wait a minute!"  At one point we actually have a drive thru employee at Whataburger tell us that they have video cameras along the drive thru lane and she could see EVERYTHING we were doing.  I was like...what...singing...Loudly?!?  Said employee threatened to call the police, because to act like that we had to be intoxicated.  We weren't just infected with a huge case of the sillies.  She finally gave up!
So many of the changing...heartbreaking...even the everyday...memories of my life as a mom are wrapped up with this amazing woman.  She is a sounding board...and can listen (Sometimes without emotion)...and help me work out how I need to process some of the most difficult situations in my life.  Sometimes when I needed a protector she was that also (who says a retainer and a nightgown can't be a superhero disguise).  
So today is dedicated to the most committed mother and wife I know...lover of all things rainbow and is a word that extends way past DNA...she loves friends like family and family like friends. Thanks Teesha!
To the moon and back,
Instead of we have The Misadventures of Tiny Batman in the Infusion Room!
so this is how they deliver the TOPO-te-CAN.

Tiny Batman...made sure the heparin lock...was on the up and up.

Everyone should take time for a puzzle.

Whoa...giant newest arch nemesis...what?!?
Oh can have this puzzle piece.

Ha...told you...nothing is impossible for

I will reach the top of this pump!
Are you sure this hat isn't too big...Oh it's for you...
yes that will be perfect!

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