Sunday, November 6, 2011 91

Yesterday I was thankful for being able to attend my Aunt Christmas Bazaar.  I have been making little felt hair bows.  I think they are adorable. My little Lovebug has reached an age where either the bow needs to be bigger than her head or she says no bow at all.  However, I have found that the items I make that are to decorate the hair, but are not a bow seem to fly under the radar.  So instead of making just one I made about 80.  So I asked Aunt Sherry if I could have a table and of course being the faboo aunt that she is she said yes.  So I trekked out to her house with my little card table...the left overs from last year's chemo crafting to finally sell (hopefully) at drastically reduced prices...and all my new adorable felt "bows"...oh I had my duct tape pens too.  I was proud to be out a about day 2 of the chemo process, but the sale was not quite as amazingly attended as it has been in prior years.  I was alright with that.  It gave me time to wander around to the other vendors and look at what they had to sell.  I'm pretty sure I bought almost as much as I sold, but it was still a huge ego boost to leave the house by myself, set up my table at the sale.  Work my table until 2:15...then my body shouted for mercy.  My mom took over for the last 2 hours and I drove home.  I did not fall asleep while driving...but I will admit I took a couple of cat naps at red lights...other drivers were nice enough to awaken me with a little toot of their horn.  Sorry fella...just tryin' to catch some ZZZzzzzs.  
So there it is I am thankful for independence...crafty sales...traffic light power naps...and the strength to have a full and busy day right after treatment.  This making showing up for work on Monday look like an actual possibility.  Fingers, toes and eyes crossed that I continue to feel better without any backslides.
To the moon and back you guys

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