Monday, November 7, 2011

Thankfulness...Day 93

Today I am thankful for "The Breakfast Club!"  It's amazes me how much of the dialog I still remember.  I think it might have been 5 or more years since I watched it, but I still remember..."NO DAD WHAT ABOUT YOU!"  Gotta love Bender.  I think my penchant for the bad boy originated with that film.  I mean I am a fan of all things John Hughes...but there is something about this movie!  It is like chicken noodle soup...the softest fuzzy blanket...snuggles with Miss Rosie...and an amazing hug all rolled into one.  But something about it bothers me...what is Ally Sheedy putting on her sandwich?  I know she adds Captain Crunch cereal and gets rid of the meat but what is in the straws?  Is it Pixie Stix...just sugar...what is it?  So with my precious puppy...a couple of new projects for school...and some animal crackers...I got lost somewhere in the eighties.
Now I am enjoying old episodes of friends...and then later I will have old episodes of Big Bang Theory...two more versions of comfort television.  So until tomorrow...I will just be thankful for the boob toob.
To the Moon and Back,
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