Friday, November 4, 2011

Thankfulness...Day 90

Today I am thankful for homemade chemo with no friends that help out with my little princess (thanks Peg)...and reconnecting with old friends via Facebook chat.  
I made it through chemo and so far I'm only dealing with a slightly queasy stomach.  I met an amazing woman next to me in the infusion room.  She has breast cancer and is finishing up her chemo week she starts a 33 treatment regime of radiation.  It was nice to talk with her.  I also picked up a new looks like the harvest colored candy corn.  This treatment could leave me with a lovely cue ball head I figured I should have new bald head coverings.  I let my lovebug know my hair might fall out and she restated her original feeling that having a bald mom is weird but better than not having a mom at all (actually she said better than a dead mom).  Other than that she wants to be left totally out of the whole cancer chemo loop.  I understand she is in the business of growing up and finding her own person and way of doing things.  Taking too much time out to be stressed and worried about mom's health makes all the other changes and decisions she has to make too hard.  So for now she gets to have normalcy...well as normal as things ever are in this house.
I have more visitors coming this weekend...but I need to save that for another thankful post...have a great weekend my friends!
to the moon and back!

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