Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I am ______________ because...

This is popping up everywhere. Ashley originally started it and I thought it was kinda fun. So, why not...I'll just hop right on the bandwagon.

I'm _______because.....

I'm Weird Because...
* I am obsessive about rainbow order.  I dislike Skittles because they say taste the rainbow but there is no blue.
* I have a tiny batman that travels with me.
* I love to eat peanut butter graham crackers with Iced Milk (milk with ice cubes in it).
*I cannot sleep with my toes covered...I can wear socks with the toes cut out if I have moisturized my feet, but those usually disappear before morning.
*  I can sit on the floor with my legs in front of me...reach out without bending over and touch my toes.
* Once my dentist told me that I got a cavity because I chewed too much on that side of my mouth.  Now I have to chew equally on both sides.  
* I have trouble with blending colors.  I like for things to match not blend.
* I quietly judge people who use poor grammar.
* I will talk around in circles forever trying not to end a sentence with a preposition.
* I have almost no toenail on my pinkie toe.
* after chemo if my stomach is really bothering me I will go soak in a HOT HOT HOT bath.
*It takes very little to make me happy...glitter...butterflies...lizards...even a smooth pebble can make me giddy.

I'm a Bad Friend Because....
* I am horrible about writing thank you notes...I am ALWAYS thankful.
* I hate talking on the phone.  I would much rather talk in person.
* I am totally ADHD...I try to listen and attend to the conversation, but I can't promise I will hear everything you say.  If I have something to add to the conversation I will be looping that comment in my head until it is my turn to talk. 
* Even if I make plans I may try to find a way to wriggle out at the last minute...don't let me!
* Sometimes I talk more than I listen...I am really working on this!

I'm a Good Friend Because...
* I love to laugh and make those around me laugh.
* I will do anything I can to help if a friend is struggling.
* My friends ARE my family and vice versa.  I love and cherish every single member of my family.
* I will welcome you into my house if you've had a bad day, offer you a cookie/ice cream bar and a hug!
* I love to give gifts...getting gifts is alright...but I love watching someone open a present!
* I will make  a BIG deal out of your birthday...even if you say you don't want it.  I can't help it I want to celebrate the days my friends were born.

I'm Sad Because...
* I have cancer
* Thanksgiving break is already half over.
* my precious daughter is 17 days away from being a teenager.
* sometimes guilt about things I CAN"T control consume my life.
* sometimes I struggle to refocus on the big picture...and it makes little things seem huge.

I am Happy because...
* tomorrow is Thanksgiving
* I crocheted two granny squares this morning.
* I don't have a treatment this week.
* in a few minutes the Bug and I will be decorating turkey cookies for the thanksgiving table.

I'm Excited for...
*COLD weather
*the Christmas program at school
* the Bug's robotics competition
* my CA-125 score...I get the first one since I started my new treatment on Tuesday.
* going to San Francisco in the Spring.
* finishing the patchwork blanket I started overt a year ago.

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