Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thankfulness...Day 99

I think I might be a few days behind in my thankfulness.  The last couple of days have been sort of rough...achy muscles...flip floppy tummy...etc.  I guess I'll just be thankful and see how many things I can think up!  I am thankful for my family...extended and immediate.  There are so many of them and they all have sweet, crazy...somewhat neurotic personalities (I include myself so no offense intended by calling you neurotic).  The best traits...hands down are loyalty...love...and persistence.  I am so lucky to have this enormous support system.  If I had been fighting this disease on my own...I fully believe I would have lost.  These people hold me up when I can't find a reason to hold myself up.  They listen thoughtfully while I cry...they get mad at me when I look things up on the Internet that only terrify me...they make me laugh when all I want to do is curl up in a ball and sleep until this is all over.  They take me to estate sales...garage sales...holiday bazaars.  They foster my creativity...even when it spills out all over my house.  They make fun of me if I am taking myself to seriously...and allow me to make fun of them without taking it personally.  I guess what I am saying is NA NA NANA NANA my family is better than your family.  I know that probably isn't true, but to me they are the bestest and most wonderful group of people any girl could ever need.  I also know some people do not have the luxury of having a family as close knit as mine.  IF you are one of those people...just ask...I'll totally let you borrow a few family members when I am not feeling as thankful for them as I should.  HEEHEE
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