Wednesday, November 23, 2011 102

I seem to have stumbled a bit this week on the thankfulness.  I did post a tutorial on Monday...but I haven't posted my thankfulness thought all week.  Don't worry I have been thankful, just haven't taken the time to type it out.  I think my laptop has felt a little neglected...I have been crafty my little brain out!  So here I am catching everyone up on the things for which I am thankful.
Monday - Sleep...I fell asleep I was awake early...but I slept a dreamless, blissful 6 hours.

Tuesday - My mom...specifically her willingness to go see "Breaking Dawn" with me even though she hasn't read any of the Twilight books.  She asked a few questions, but I'm sure she held about a thousand question without asking.  Of all the movies this is one that makes very little sense if a person has not read the books...or at least seen the other three movies.  She seemed to enjoy some of it.  She is also an amazing caretaker.  This new treatment leaves me fuzzy brained and light headed for several days.  She is great about waiting on me when i need to take an extra minute to help my head stop spinning.  She offers an arm if I am too unsteady to walk on my own (this doesn't happen very often).  She is an amazing, mother, cheerleader, Pollyanna, shoulder on which to cry, teacher, sister and Mimi.  She is funny without trying, innocent without seeming ignorant, passionate about the people she loves, and willing to defend her opinion without backing down...even if she is one of the few in the room with a particular opinion.  I was very lucky to be given such an amazing woman as my mother.  Even better than be blessed to have her as my that I have grown up (mostly) I get to have her as a friend also.  So today I am thankful for you Mommy!  You raised me...and you talk about how brave you think I much grace I have displayed during this whole process...I worried that I wasn't strong enough to fight this disease, but you believed in me.  So thanks...for giving me the confidence I need and all the other tools on a daily basis, to wage a war that will give me back my life!
to the moon and back,
Pics and quotes for my mom

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