Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankfulness...Day 95

So...I forgot to type out a thankful thought yesterday...sue me.
The time change is really screwing with my sleep patterns.  I go to bed around 8:00 every night and I am wide awake around 3:30a.m.  I am trying to make use of that time, but 3:30a.m. is a lonely dark time and I try very hard to stay away from lonely dark times.  Pro of this situation...I have lots of memories to bring to mind during the dark, scary, lonely...wee morning hours. I am thankful for warm fuzzies.  I am lucky enough to work in an environment where warm fuzzies are plentiful.  Almost everyday I get a new one to add to my vault.  I'll share a couple that have caught on with my family...we toss these quotes at each other when the going gets rough.
Picture this...naptime...quiet room...I am trying to help 3 young friends drift off to dreamland for a little while.  Two friends are still and working on falling asleep...3rd friend pops up..."I have to potty."  I ask them if they can hold it for a little bit longer.  "No...I have to go potty...NOW!"  I give in and we trot off to the potty.  I open the door we walk in...I close the door.  This precious angel looks at me as the light clicks on..."Hahaha...PSYCH!"  I mean you have any idea how hard it was to not laugh...I mean really laugh...the good belly laugh?  I held it together and let the child know that it is not okay to pull pranks at school.  Saying "psych" isn't appropriate, but this friend is 4 years old and knew how to fake out the grown up!
Warm fuzzy #2...we work really hard on potty training.  We see it as a personal victory and a huge step when each child starts to understand the process and is able to stay dry all day.  I mean really...I have never seen so many grown-ups "OOOO...and AHHHH" over "tee-tee" in my life.  This week I was so happy to be back at school, and I returned to a friend making huge strides in the potty training arena.  We got back to the classroom after some time on the playground, and this friend raced to the restroom.  I followed closely behind and helped them get to the potty and successfully make a deposit (tactful...I know).  Well...we are finished and I ask them to flush...this friend stands up takes care of returning their clothes to the right places and flushes the potty..with an emphatic "Bye Bye Tee-Tee!!!"  Then they tuned to me beaming and walked to the sink to wash hands.  It may not seem like much to some people reading this, but when I met this child, I was lucky to get a hug in the mornings with a tender pat on my back.  Words did not come easily and potty training was proving to be difficult as well.  Like I said is so easy to take a child's milestone and feel so much pride and excitement that it almost feels like a personal milestone has been reached.  This one brought to mind that a friend told me every time I got sick after chemo...I should flush the potty and say...Bye Bye Cancer.  I think Bye Bye Tee-Tee makes me happier...
I'm sure I will have more fuzzies to share...but I think those two are great for now!
to the moon and back,

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